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Today's Harness Racing - Aug 3, 2021

All bets are placed directly into the track pools so you get paid at track odds and there is no limit to your payout.

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08/19 12:00pmCharlottetown Mat. (H)
08/19 12:40pmChester (H)
08/19 04:00pmScarborough (H)
08/19 06:30pmScioto Downs (H)
08/19 06:50pmTioga Downs (H)
08/19 06:55pmVernon Downs (H)
08/19 07:00pmThe Red Mile (H)
08/19 07:10pmYonkers (H)
08/19 07:15pmGrand River (H)
08/19 07:20pmSaratoga Harness (H)
08/19 07:25pmHazel Park (H)
08/19 08:10pmMaywood Park (H)
08/20 12:00pmCharlottetown Mat. (H)
08/20 04:00pmScarborough (H)
08/20 06:30pmScioto Downs (H)
08/20 06:50pmTioga Downs (H)
08/20 06:55pmVernon Downs (H)
08/20 07:00pmRaceway Park (H)
08/20 07:10pmYonkers (H)
08/20 07:20pmSaratoga Harness (H)
08/20 07:25pmHazel Park (H)
08/20 08:00pmRunning Aces (H)
08/20 08:10pmBalmoral Park (H)
08/21 01:05pmScarborough (H)
08/21 01:30pmTioga Downs (H)
08/21 02:00pmChester (H)
08/21 05:30pmHarrington (H)
08/21 06:00pmRaceway Park (H)
08/21 06:30pmRideau Carleton (H)
08/21 07:00pmThe Red Mile (H)
08/21 08:00pmRunning Aces (H)
08/21 08:10pmBalmoral Park (H)
08/22 12:50pmMonticello (H)
08/22 12:55pmThe Meadows (H)
08/22 04:00pmPlainridge (H)
08/22 04:55pmIndiana Downs (H)
08/22 05:30pmHarrington (H)
08/22 06:40pmBatavia Downs (H)
08/22 07:00pmOcean Downs (H)
08/22 07:10pmYonkers (H)
08/22 07:15pmGrand River (H)
08/22 07:25pmHazel Park (H)
08/23 06:15amSWE Rattvik (H)
08/23 09:00amSWE Arjang (H)
08/23 12:20pmSWE Jagersro (H)
08/23 12:50pmMonticello (H)
08/23 12:55pmThe Meadows (H)
08/23 04:55pmIndiana Downs (H)
08/23 06:30pmPocono Downs (H)
08/23 07:10pmYonkers (H)
08/23 07:20pmSaratoga Harness (H)
08/23 07:25pmGeorgian Downs (H)
08/23 08:00pmRunning Aces (H)
08/24 12:10pmSWE Solvalla (H)
08/24 12:40pmChester (H)
08/24 12:50pmMonticello (H)
08/24 04:55pmIndiana Downs (H)
08/24 06:00pmSummerside (H)
08/24 06:30pmPocono Downs (H)
08/24 06:40pmBatavia Downs (H)
08/24 06:55pmThe Meadows (H)
08/24 07:00pmOcean Downs (H)
08/24 07:15pmGrand River (H)
08/24 07:20pmSaratoga Harness (H)
08/24 08:00pmRunning Aces (H)
08/24 08:10pmBalmoral Park (H)
08/25 06:15amSWE Bollnas (H)
08/25 09:00amSWE Boden (H)
08/25 12:00pmJug Future Wager (H)
08/25 12:20pmSWE Aby (H)
08/25 12:30pmSWE Orebro (H)
08/25 12:40pmChester (H)
08/25 12:50pmMonticello (H)
08/25 04:00pmScarborough (H)
08/25 06:00pmCharlottetown (H)
08/25 06:30pmRideau Carleton (H)
08/25 06:55pmVernon Downs (H)
08/25 07:00pmThe Red Mile (H)
08/25 07:10pmYonkers (H)
08/25 07:20pmSaratoga Harness (H)
08/25 08:10pmMaywood Park (H)
08/26 06:15amSWE Amal (H)
08/26 12:40pmChester (H)
08/26 04:00pmScarborough (H)
08/26 06:30pmScioto Downs (H)
08/26 06:50pmTioga Downs (H)
08/26 06:55pmVernon Downs (H)
08/26 07:00pmThe Red Mile (H)
08/26 07:10pmYonkers (H)
08/26 07:15pmGrand River (H)
08/26 07:20pmSaratoga Harness (H)
08/26 07:25pmHazel Park (H)
08/26 08:00pmDuQuoin Fair (H)
08/26 08:10pmMaywood Park (H)
08/27 06:45amSWE Bergsaker (H)
08/27 12:00pmJug Future Wager (H)
08/27 04:00pmScarborough (H)
08/27 06:30pmScioto Downs (H)
08/27 06:50pmTioga Downs (H)
08/27 06:55pmVernon Downs (H)

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Harness Racing Betting Types

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