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Twin River (Closed)

New Contact Information

Twin River Greyhound Park no longer hold any racing on their grounds.  However they still hold Simulcast wagering, please check their website for full information on their opening times.

For more information you can also contact Shoreline at 800-468-2260.

Old Contact Info

Twin River
100 Twin River Road,
RI 02865

Tel: 877 82 River


Track Info

Under the leadership of new owners, BLB Investors, a $220 million construction project is still underway at Twin River (AKA Lincoln Park). The renovation and expansion continues so to build from the existing facilities a world class entertainment destination while efficiently addressing the programmatic and functional needs of the complex.

Derived from the region in which it resides is found the inspiration for the character and imagery for the new Twin River. The Ocean State offers a vast, diverse and rich resource of dynamic, beautiful and historic images from which to draw. From the natural, coastal beauty of the waterfronts and beaches, to the architecturally rich textures of the Blackstone Valley, site of the birth of the Industrial Revolution the new Twin River will, in a sophisticated manner, articulate and reveal them all. These elements will be reflected throughout the facility from exterior landscaping to the interior design of all public spaces. The rejuvenated Twin River truly is an an exciting, yet recognizably comfortable recreational experience.


For information on how to get to Twin River please visit their website.

Other Info

View live racing from the Twin River web site. Better yet, add to the fun and watch the best thoroughbred and greyhound racing from around the country in our upgraded grandstand area, complete with new flat screen televisions.

Twin River Greyhound adoption program:
Throughout the country, animal lovers are discovering what wonderful companions greyhounds make.

Intelligent, calm, and graceful creatures, greyhounds make uncommonly good household pets. Thriving on love and attention, these good-natured sighthounds reward their owners with a lifetime of unconditional love and affection. Find out what greyhound owners have known for centuries; adopt a gentle greyhound and make a lifelong friend.

For more information on adopting a Greyhound please visit their website.